The Pride of Life

One of the seductions that is irresistible to the depraved mind and a temptation to the Christian mind is to constantly brag about oneself — the pride of life.

“In the spiritual realm, it is about someone who exults in himself,” explained Jeff Pollard.  “The pride of life is the religion of self-glorification.  This is sinful dependence upon self, instead of a believing dependence on God. 

“Professing Christians can do this.  The pride of life hungers for the praise of men.  The human heart loves flattery, admiration, and self-display.

“I was in the music business,” part of a rock ‘n roll band called LeRoux that was founded in 1978.  Thousands of people were applauding, yelling with such thunderous acclaim that Pollard couldn’t even hear himself sing.

“The pride of life is the heart puffed up, a big blowfish, disfigured

“The God of Light calls His people into fellowship with Him. The lust of the eyes, the lust of flesh, and the pride of life squeeze that out.

“The fountain of the world is the Christless heart.  From within the souls of men proceed evil thoughts, murders, theft, wickedness, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. The culture is the expression of the human heart.

“The heart is either alive in Christ or it is rotting in the grave of lust,” concluded Pollard.

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