The World Is Passing Away

In the previous verses John has instructed his children that they have power to overcome the world. These are are real blessings of salvation – forgiveness, strength, overcoming the wicked one… Now there is a negative command, “do NOT love the world.” This is another test of salvation. John continues to unpack the doctrines of regeneration, sanctification and the power of the gospel. John is speaking of the world in the sense of that there is an impulse of the should that is independent of Him, with a desire to escape His authority in some area of life.

John is referring to the invisible system of evil that includes its ideologies which are contrary to the wisdom of God, which are speculations raised up against the knowledge of God. It is a way of thinking… with a ruler – Satan himself. This way of thinking is found in  institutions, governments, songs, movies and culturally acceptable activities.

It is an alluring and deceiving system. And… It is much deeper than “do’s and don’ts.” Worldliness is satans strategic and malicious plan for your life. He desires to wrap you up in whatever will slow you down, and finally mow you down.