To Love the World is to Love What God Hates

“Our God wants us to know Him, to fellowship with Him, and to love Him so that as we live day by day in a lost and dying world, we might be reflecting the God of light as we walk in His light,” said Jeff Pollard.

“To love the world is to love what God hates, to esteem what God loathes, to value what God rejects, to admire what God despises, to exalt what God condemns, to accept what God rejects, to savor what God vomits out, to call good what God calls evil.

“To love the world is to worship the creature instead of the Creator.  The Highway of Holiness, the narrow way, the only way that truly is life and life more abundantly is to worship the God who is light, to walk in the light as He is in the light.

“My dear friends, let us look to Christ by faith and walk in the beauty of holiness. Love not the world.  Love the true and living God in Christ Jesus by the power of His Spirit. Amen!” said Pollard.

If you would like to watch the video of this talk and other keynote speakers from the recently concluded Highway of Holiness conference here in Asheville, North Carolina, click on this link:  You will have access to the videos for the next 30 days.