Tools for How to Keep Your Children with you in Church

This is dedicated to the increase of joy in worship for the whole family.

When we started a family integrated church here in Wake Forest many ago, no one had any experience with keeping their children with them in the worship service. So, before we launched the church, we spent an entire month on Sunday evenings training the parents on how to function with their children with them…

My experience is that most parents need to be encouraged and reminded from time to time about how to effectively keep their children with them in church. Here are some of the things we’ve done in order to keep the fires burning and the families increasing their joy in the worship of God.

Here is an audio message, “How to Keep your Children with you in Church

A few years ago, my wife Deborah spoke to a group of women about this subject, “Teaching your children to Love the Meetings of the Church

Here is an audio message I delivered that touches on the subject but with a bigger picture in mind. It is called, “Family Life and the Church.”

Here are some written resources:

Why You Ought to Have Your Children With You in Church

What Can Children Get out of Church

How to Help Your Children Become Better Listeners