What Love Looks Like, Part 2

What are the signs of love? In the context, Paul gives us 15 distinguishing marks love that manifest the presence of Jesus Christ in our homes and churches. We have already covered the first five marks of love in Part 1. Now, we will turn our attention to the rest of them:

7. Love does not seek its own.
8. Love is not provoked.
9. Love thinks no evil.
10. Does not rejoice in iniquity.
11. Rejoices in the truth.
12. Bears all things.
13. Believes all things.
14. Hopes all things
15. Endures all things

With each point remember how this relates to Christ’s love, for this also explains how He loved redeemed sinners. In this way, we are taught not lean on morality but on Christ.

This is a supernatural result of our fellowship with God. Love is not a decision. Love is not a discipline. Love is not a work of the flesh. Love is a fruit. Love comes from something real. Love comes from fellowship with God. All of these fifteen marks of love reflect the way Jesus Christ loves His church, and the individuals in His church.