You are a Pastor With Trials and Tribulations in your Senior Years

Charles Simeon, found himself in time of trial, at 53 years old, after spending 33 years in a single church. His entire ministry was characterized by trials and tribulation. However, reflecting on his current difficulties in ministry at age 53, he wrote,

“I used to sail in the Pacific; I am now learning to navigate the Red Sea that is full of shoals and rocks.” 

This was written at age 53, after 33 years in a single church, now facing surging opposition.

John Piper comments, 

“May Simeon’s life and ministry help us to see persecution, opposition, slander, misunderstanding, disappointment, self-recrimination, weakness, and danger as the normal portion of faithful Christian living and ministry.  I want us to see a beleaguered triumph in the life of a man who was a sinner like us and who, year after year, in his trials, “grew downward” in humility and upward in his adoration of Christ and who did not yield to bitterness or to the temptation to leave his charge – for fifty-four years.”

From, “The Roots of Endurance: Invincible Perseverance in the Lives of John Newton, Charles Simeon, and William Wilberforce”